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  Bringing a baby into this world is a big deal! We’re the experts to help.

Imagine feeling supported and confident for the rest of your pregnancy and when you go into labor.

Picture bringing your baby home and having calm, knowledgeable experts at your finger tips, making sure your recovery is smooth, you and your baby are taken care of, and your questions are answered.

Sounds nice, doesn’t it?

It’s absolutely possible when you build an experienced and knowledgeable team to count on during your birth and postpartum. Our birth doulas and postpartum doulas are the perfect addition to your team, offering the comfort and support only experts can provide.

By hiring one of our doula teams you will experience more than just a person by your side during the birth. You get:

  • collective years of experience
  • professional and compassionate support along side
  • a community of other parents to share, learn and grow with

Go into your birth with confidence and security that you’ve had the best possible information along the way, and will have the gentle guidance of your labor doulas to support your birth preferences as well as involve your partner and other family members that may be present.

“Absolutely invaluable.  Having Claire from Birthing Stone here is one of the best decisions we made. . .absolutely fantastic, and worth every penny.”- Xan- First time dad

Why Birthing Stone?

There are a three main values that you will find in every step of our service:

  1. We have no agenda. That’s right, we’re here for YOU- not matter what your birth plan is. We don’t come with a “philosophy” that there is one way to birth. Want an epidural? Great! We support you! Don’t want an epidural? Fantastic, we support you too!
  2. Highly qualified and professional doulas who will work seamlessly with you, your partner, and your provider. We pride ourselves on being able to navigate communication between you and your provider with the utmost respect for both of you.
  3. We value our doulas. You probably didn’t think about this when hiring, but we sure do! It’s important to us that our doulas are treated with respect, paid sustainable rates, and given opportunities to reach their highest potential whether through teaching classes or on-going education.

Our postpartum doulas 

. . .make sure you start off on the best foot after baby is born. You’ll feel secure and relieved to have helping hands that know the ins and outs of life with a baby (or two!). You’ll enjoy the support of getting rest and nourishment, setting up systems for your new life, and the reliability of our doulas.

Our doulas  have experience supporting  twins, high risk, LGBQT+, Surrogate and Intended Parents, Over 40, and much more! We serve Portland and the metro communities from Forest Grove & Beaverton to Gresham and Oregon City.

We  offer a full range of services:

Portland Postpartum Doula

Postpartum Doulas

Portland Birth Doula

Birth Doulas

Portland Placenta Encapsulation- Pills- Birthing Stone Doula

Placenta Encapsulation

Portland Childbirth Class




Having a doula for the birth of our son was the best decision we made. . . Through her support, I have a powerful birth story that I’m proud of.- Sarah T


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