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Baby Sleep Training

Baby sleep trainer

Baby Sleep Training

Are you longing for a full night of sleep?

Wishing your baby could sleep through the night?

Are you desperate for change, but just don’t know how to make the changes you need?

We Can Help!

Imagine what tomorrow would look like if you slept through the night- What would be different?

Would your baby feel better, more rested?

Would you have more energy?

Would your relationship with your partner/s improve?


We can make this possible for you!


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We know sleep training babies isn’t always easy! With our in-home support we help guide you through the entire process, never leaving you alone to figure it out on your own. Together, with one of our Mommywise Certified Sleep Coaches, we’ll create your baby’s individualized plan and help you make in-the-moment decisions.

We offer the most comprehensive Sleep Training Programs– staying  with you for up to 72 hours to help with bedtime and naps and guaranteeing your baby will be sleeping better before we leave.

You receive a month of on-going support in case of any setbacks to your baby’s sleep. We’re proud to say that, even though there might be setbacks, many of these calls are happy check-ins about how well families are sleeping!  Read more about our Sleep Training Packages


Ready to change your life and get the sleep you and your baby deserve?


“Thank you so much for being there! Your support when sleep training Klara has been amazing, she’s been going down so fast! I am loving the fact that I can just lay her down and she goes to bed all on her own.
“–Abigail and baby Klara (6 months)


portland sleep training tiffany decker

The toll of sleep deprivation on families is the most common issue Tiffany recognizes among families. She also felt these effects with her own children. Tired of confusing books and conflicting methods that weren’t working for families, Tiffany was thrilled when she learned more about the services that Mommywise in NYC was offering. She was even more excited when she was chosen to train in Mommywise’s highly selective training program.

Initially, Tiffany was skeptical that anything could work so quickly. But during her time training she was able to learn and discover techniques that had immediate effects for babies and the parents. She observed babies realize their sleep potential independently, falling asleep on their own- and quickly. She knew she found the right tools to bring home to Birthing Stone’s clients.

The positive changes she witnesses in the parents’ demeanor and behavior after sleep training is astounding. Parents are happier, more rested, and have more energy.  Babies are more interactive, often make developmental leaps, and seem happier. She even sees shifts in the parents’ relationships and their renewed perspective on life.

When she’s not sleep coaching or doula-ing Tiffany can be found searching for sun in the PNW, at soccer games with her kids (who ARE sleeping), and out and about with friends.



Is this a “Cry it Out” (CIO) method? NO! To be honest, we don’t focus on one single method! We tailor each plan to what we observe from your baby and what is important to your family! You and the Sleep Coach are actively involved with making decisions based on what you are observing rather than passively letting your baby cry.

As with most transitions in life there is the definitely the possibility of tears. So do expect a few. Our goal, however,  is to minimize tears for everyone!

What if it doesn’t work? We know, this is and emotional and financial investment and you’re wondering “What if it doesn’t work? What if my baby is the baby this doesn’t work for?” We’re going to be honest, we don’t work with every family. We only work with families we know we can help and can guarantee improved sleep within 72 hours. If there’s a set back? We’re there for you with our follow up coaching calls and our month of ongoing email and phone support. Don’t worry. We are going to be there to MAKE SURE it works for you.

When should I  start sleep training? It’s never too early to start good sleep habits! But that doesn’t mean things will be perfect even if you start from day one. It’s never too late!

We believe 12-16 weeks is a great time to start training your baby to sleep. We work with babies ages 12 weeks through 16 months! Go ahead and fill out our application for a complimentary sleep assessment!

How long does it take to sleep train my baby?  We take careful consideration of each family we support. As long as your baby is healthy, not teething, and we’re supporting you with one of our in-home packages we can promise your baby will be sleep trained in 72 hours or less.

And, to be honest, many families find that their baby is sleeping better within 48 hours! In fact, the 48 hour package is our most popular.

Do I need to book your services in advance? This is highly recommended but not necessary. Keep in mind we have limited availability each month so that we can dedicate the necessary time and attention to each family. Booking in advance helps ensure our availability AND gives you the peace of mind that help is coming!

Do you travel?  YES! We currently focus on offering sleep training in Seattle area, Portland, Or, and Santa Barbara, CA. We’re more than happy to come to you or refer you to our trusted Mommywise Certified Sleep Coaches around the nation!

What book do you recommend for sleep training? Since we don’t know you or your baby yet, we don’t recommend particular books. It’s important to remember that your baby is unique and there isn’t a one-size-fits-all method. Instead, your baby deserves personalized support!

What happens after I apply for my complimentary sleep assessment?  Once we receive your application for a sleep assessment we will review and make a decision whether we think we can help you. If we believe 100% that we can help you, we will offer you a call to more thoroughly discuss working together and which package would fit your family the best. From that point, if we all feel this is a good fit, we will set a date to get you the sleep you and your baby deserve!

What if I don’t think my baby is ready for sleep training? No problem! We can do two things to help you. First, we can schedule sleep training for the future so you have a timeframe you are comfortable with. Second, we can support you in getting more sleep by having one of our postpartum doulas stay the night so you can sleep!

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