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Postpartum Doulas: Your Secret Weapon to Going Back to Work

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Just when you start getting the rhythm of this whole parenting thing: diaper, feed, snuggle, sleep; diaper, feed, snuggle, sleep… it’s time to go back to work.

Seriously, next week already? Suddenly, the end of your leave is tainted by worries about the logistical realities of working parenthood: Will my baby eat well enough without me? Can I make it to work on time? What if the baby gets sick?

And then there are the emotional realities. Even if you’re excited about getting back to work, the thought of leaving your little one for the first time might be making your eyes (and/or boobs) leak.

Now more than ever,

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Parents, You’re Doing it Right! 

I’m writing this knowing that several ½ finished blogs are going to feed into this single post, and I’m not exactly sure where this will go. 

But let me tell you something. . .

You’re doing it right.

Yes, you heard me. You. ARE. DOING. IT. RIGHT. I don’t need to talk with you to know what your parenting challenge is right now. Why? Because you’re here and you’re trying.

You see, pregnancy, parenting, relationships, LIFE happens on a spectrum. So whatever you’re doing right now for your baby- is right! Now, I know you’re busy reading blogs and getting advice from parenting forums, and

Can You Drink While Breastfeeding?

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“Can you drink while breastfeeding?”

With the Holidays in full swing, we frequently get this question! So we asked our in-house lactation consultant, Megan Maltby from Lotus Lactation to give us the scoop on the most recent research! Here’s what she has to say!


As it stands, an occasional drink doesn’t seem to lead to  negative effects on your baby. A considerably safe occasional drink would be 1 to 2 drinks a week.  Breast milk is actually a modified blood! So, alcohol not only gets filtered out of the blood stream, but also out of the milk over time.  Typically, the average person’s blood alcohol level peaks    .5-1hr

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