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Childbirth Classes

Birthing Stone offers a variety of classes for  expecting parents in Beaverton, Hillsboro, Portland and surrounding areas. Whether your are searching for a childbirth classes, more information on breastfeeding/chestfeeding, or specialized classes for VBAC births, we have a class for you. We are proud to offer classes to prepare you for whatever your birthing plan may be or where you are birthing. Our classes are balanced with information and preparation to help you trust the birth process and parenting and prepare for possible twists and turns.


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The Yoga Way to Birth – Childbirth Education Series

Learn how to work with your body and mind to have the most grounding and empowering birth experience possible! The Yoga Way to Birth is a unique childbirth preparation curriculum based on principles of yoga, mindfulness, and self-inquiry. Over the past 10 years it has successfully prepared hundreds of couples for childbirth and parenthood. Learn more here!

You and your partner will learn:

  • about birth as a multidimensional process
  • facts and facets of the birth process
  • movements and positions for a comfortable and efficient labor
  • the nuts and bolts of mindful labor support
  • how to utilize breath and sound
  • how to support the birthing mother physically and emotionally
  • how to recognize and work with fear in labor
  • how the mind works, and how to work with the mind
  • how to work wisely with your body
  • how perception and cultural conditioning shape your birth experience
  • about your personal resources and core needs in birth
  • what to do when labor doesn’t go the way you want
  • relaxation practices for pregnancy and postpartum
  • how your baby experiences and participates in labor
  • how to steer clear of assumptions
  • …and more!

Upcoming Dates:

Weekend Intensive $190/couple  10% discount for BSD Clients with Code

  • Aug 10-Sept 10 6 Week Series




You and your partner want the confidence and skills to stay relaxed and calm during your labor- this class is for you. Wondering how to use birthing balls? Or which are the best birthing positions? In this class you’ll discover your personal coping style and how to enhance it during labor. Build confidence in creating an environment without stress, practice positions that naturally feel good in labor, practice is with a partner so he or she walks into labor already knowing how best to support you.


$45/ Free for Birthing Stone Clients Price includes partners

2nd Monday of the month 7:00pm-9:00pm




Primed for Birth Childbirth Education

A vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) can be healing and empowering. Primed VBAC series creates a safe space to address the special considerations you may be facing, in a community of VBAC families. In addition to everything covered in the standard series, our VBAC series speaks to VBAC safety, space to process your previous cesarean birth experience, how VBAC labors and birth are different (and how they’re the same), and giving you the tools to help things go differently this time around. Birth is never guaranteed, as many of our VBAC clients well know, and our series focuses on how to create the birth you desire and deserve however your baby needs to enter this world. Karli and Megan have years of experience working with VBAC families, and a profound respect for the strength of women who birth their babies both by cesarean birth and vaginally after a cesarean.

  $90/ BSD clients $80

May 13th 10-2pm

August 19th 10-2pm

Nov 4th 10-2pm


Birth Partner 101

Are you supporting someone during labor? This class is designed with the primary birth support person in mind- You’ll leave with a better understanding of the birth process and how your role affects and benefits the birthing person. You’ll leave with “expert” tips and tricks to support someone through labor.

In this class you will learn techniques to:

Emotionally support the birthing person
Care for yourself
Communicate with providers
Define your role in the birth room
Offer nonjudgemental support to the birthing person

10am – 1 pm $55/ BSD Clients $45

February 18th

June 3rd

Sept 8th

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