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Placenta Encapsulation

placenta-encapsulation-portlandPlacentas are amazing organs that are grown and created to support your baby while in your womb. It creates a barrier between you and your baby, filters blood and oxygen, and even pumps these important elements to your baby for a short period after birth! Your placenta also carries high levels of the hormones you felt during pregnancy.

Based in Chinese Medicine, consuming your placenta in a pill form is thought to replenish some of the hormones you lose after birth, helping with postpartum depression and a boost of energy. Many people report milk coming in sooner, higher levels of energy and less mood swings with taking their placenta capsules.


The process of encapsulating your placenta is easy:

  • This two day process is done in the safety and convenience of your own home, ideally beginning within 24-48 hours after the birth
  • The Placenta Encapsulation Specialist will clean the placenta, steam &/or dehydrate it with herbs and spices, and grind it to place in capsules to be taken as supplements
  • The Placenta Encapsulation Specialist is trained in the process of encapsulating, OSHA Blood Borne Standards, and Food Handling Safety
  • Our Placenta Encapsulation Specialist can encapsulate in Portland, Beaverton, Hillsboro, Tigard, Forest Grove, and all surrounding metro areas.
  • Investment: $60 non-refundable retainer, $200 at time of service

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