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“[Having a postpartum doula] made me feel cared for as I was utterly consumed by caring for my baby. My husband and I learned a lot, and having the postpartum help gave us confidence as parents and helped us come up for air.” -Erika S. first time parent

So many parents come home with their baby and feel overwhelmed with the responsibility of caring for their sweet child while also having to figure everything out on their own.

Luckily, you don’t have to feel that way! You can feel secure, confident, and rested with the help of a postpartum doula.  You’re in good hands with our professionally trained postpartum doulas. Have your doula guide you through life with a newborn, relish in having caring support and expert information about baby sleep, newborn habits, breast/chest and bottle feeding, and adjusting to the new normal of caring for one or more babies.

Want to know the best part? We bring this information to you without judgement. That’s right- no agenda, no judging your parenting choices- just pure support for you and your family.

Plan Ahead for Your Support

All of our packages can be tailored to your needs and crafted to create the perfect support for you an your family.

Welcome Home Package

  • Prenatal Consultation: A private, In-home planning and preparation to review nursery set up and postpartum support plans
  • 2 – 4hr postpartum visits per week for 2 weeks, perfect for rest, system set up, catching up and easing you into your life with a baby (or 2).
  • Unlimited email and phone support


Postpartum Ease

  • Prenatal Consultation- A private, in-home consultation to review your nursery and household set up and postpartum plans
  • 2- 4 hour daytime shifts during the first 10 days home
  • 3 weeks of sleep support with 2 overnights (10hrs) each week
  • Unlimited email and phone support

4th Trimester Consistency

  • Consultation- A private, in-home consultation to review your nursery and household set up and postpartum plans
  • 2- 4 hour daytime shifts during the first 10 days home
  • First 6 weeks sleep support: 3 overnights per week (10hrs each)
  • 6 additional weeks with 2 overnights per week (8hrs each)
  • Unlimited email and phone support

Packages start at $1050

Didn’t Plan Ahead?

We can help! While most of our clients book in advance, we may have an extra night of availability to get you some rest and reprieve. Reach out and we’ll do our best to have our doulas come to you.



Wishing for a full night of sleep to “just catch up”? Our overnight doula packages are crafted to  do exactly this- give you long stretches of sleep while your baby is being cared for by professionally trained postpartum doulas and newborn care specialists. Postpartum doula packages are designed to nurture the family as they transition together. Of course this always includes reassurance and positive support for all of the great work each member of your family is already doing.

If your baby is a little older, we can also help you with our professional baby sleep training services.

Wondering how you’ll know what your baby wants and needs? We speak “newborn” and can help you more quickly understand too, while also building your confidence and never stepping on your toes!

Do you ever wonder “is this normal”? We can help calm nerves and help you understand what’s normal about your baby, your body, and life as a parent. Want to know: “Is it normal to lose this much hair after birth?”,  “When will I get my first period after baby?” or “What about sex after baby?”  We have answers!! And, don’t worry, we’ve heard it all and will answer everything we can. Of course, we always want you to consult with your medical provider if you have medical questions.

Hoping someone can watch your baby while you nap? We do that- while also folding your laundry, washing bottles and pump parts, and making sure you get the most up-to-date information on caring for your baby!

What else does a doula do? Our support of your family may include:

  • Sleep! Do you see a theme here? We all know sleep after a newborn is scarce! Let us help you get much needed rest
  • Identifying and understanding your baby’s cues
  • Help with bathing a newborn
  • Basic feeding (bottle and nursing) support
  • Nourishment- light cooking, snacks, drinks set up for the birthing person
  • Sibling support
  • Free time for parents! A chance to take that shower or nap you were hoping for!
  • Processing your birth story
  • Baby wearing
  • Connecting you with other professionals as needed

Our doulas have experience supporting twins, singletons, premie babies, overnight support, adoptions, surrogacy and more.  We trust you to make the best parenting decisions for your baby, and only offer guidance without judgement.

Postpartum doula services are a fantastic gift to any family expecting a baby. It’s easy for the entire office to chip-in and purchase a few hours of nurturing for the new family! Email us at tiffany@birthingstone.com to purchase a gift certificate!

I can’t thank Tiffany and her team of baby whispering doulas enough.  These doulas know just what to do-bring tea or snacks after nursing, change and soothe baby, tidy up, help problem solve strategies for our older child, and share their mad skills/coach my husband while I take a snooze.  Sounds amazing, right?!

If you are struggling with the transition back to work, I highly recommend them.  They helped my transition back to a demanding professional job go smoothly. It felt so good to know my baby was with someone that I trust.  I was able to go to work refreshed as the result of their overnight care. They helped wash all my pump parts and prep bottles for daycare while I got to have snuggles with my older child. I had breakfast and coffee waiting for me in the morning and a well rested and happy baby. They supported healthy sleep habits for my baby as well.

One of the best parts is I felt no judgment-just kindness and warmth. For example, whether you are supplementing, exclusively nursing, or bottle feeding-they are there to help with whatever is best for your family.

Birthing Stone Doulas is worth the investment.  I trust Tiffany and her team professionally and personally.- Vanessa


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