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hudsonsmile“Your presence was a light the whole way” – Jess

“I first began my Doula search in hope to ease my fear of labor. When we found Tiffany my husband and I were both thrilled. She remained a calm assuring presence for the both of us before labor and during. The thing that surprised me the most was how integral a source she became after having our son. He is our first child and it seems silly now to say it but I was so focused on labor and birth that I didn’t think much about what happens next. When we brought our little one home Tiffany was right there for us. She dropped by to check on our family and texts me a lot. If I was afraid or anxious about our new little guy she was very often the first number I called. I am very very grateful for her service and will use her again in a heartbeat. If you are considering using a Doula for your birthing process I highly recommend having an interview with Tiffany.” Lydia – 1st time mom

“Tiffany was an exceptional support during the entire labor process- intuitive and present throughout. One of the most impressive doulas I’ve worked with.” – Nurse at Providence Portland

“We can’t thank you enough for your support and assistance as our doula! I can’t imagine doing it without your constant help and words of encouragement. You enabled a very empowering birth experience and an unforgettable welcome for our beautiful son.” Mary-Rain- 1st time mom

colin avery“I’ve worked with a lot of doulas before and I’d have to say you are one of the best! Thank you for being here.” CNM- Providence Portland

“Choosing a Doula was the best decision we made for our first Birth Experience. You have such a warm heart and a gift for making everyone feel calm. My delivery was long and hard, but you really did help ease the pain. Thank you for being on our side and just for everything you did.” Tiffany & Bobby

“what struck me most is that you were present, but never moved me out of the way, you always made sure that Abbie & I were connecting and that you were assisting. You kept me as “primary” and played a support role, I describe it like working in a small kitchen, where both of us were aware of the other, worked together and never collided. Also, your reading of her outward signs and emotions was spot on, the methods you suggested were spot on. Perhaps the best and most memorable moment was when you converted the barf bowl to the cold towel bowl, Abbie still talks about that.” Kirk- first time dad

“What a wonderful and amazing experience we’ve had! We are so grateful to have had you along the way with us!. . .You were so wonderful during the birth and kept us all focused and calm. For that we Thank You!” Cara & Scott

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