Your entire experience from pregnancy to parenthood should be memorable, put you and your partner at ease and leave you feeling wrapped in comfort. Learn how our Portland doulas can support you
your baby is only

going to be brand new once

You deserve to enjoy the experience and get the support you desire.

Imagine a birth with someone to lean on and offer guidance without any outside agendas. Imagine spending those precious first moments at home bonding with your baby stress free. Imagine having help right at your fingertips, whenever you need it (even overnight) during those first days and weeks as a family.

The good news is you can. This peaceful picture is what we paint for each and every client who calls on us for support. Birthing Stone are the premier, professional Portland doula service - we support YOU, not someone else’s pre-set birthing plan. We believe that every birth is a beautiful unique experience, and we support all families. We’re there for you before, during, and after your birthing experience.

The Birthing Stone Difference:

Experience: Some of the most experienced birth doulas in town

Infant Sleep Specialists: The only agency to focus on gentle infant sleep from the beginning- We do more than just hold your baby and introduce bad habits overnight! We guide your baby into healthy sleep habits right away so you can have a more rest and lifetime of better sleep

Exclusivity & Dedication: The only agency to limit how many clients we work with in order to offer our highest level of care


We’d love to talk you through our process & show you how we can support you.


I really don't think my pregnancy, birth and postpartum time would have been as wonderful as it has been without [my doulas]. I'm a first time mom and really wanted to try for an unmedicated birth. My husband was really unsure about WHY we needed a doula in the beginning. Once he saw how available and essential the help we received was, he totally got it and was grateful that I had pushed for it.”

I always felt listened to, encouraged, empowered, cared for, and never judged by her. She is extremely knowledgable and always had an answer or explanation for all of my questions, which is so reassuring for a first-time mom!” -Shannon

Absolutely invaluable. I write this from the hospital room in a moment of peace between intense moments, after a long night of labor. Having Claire from Birthing Stone here is one of the best decisions we made. From the perspective of the partner, and this being our first, it's so fantastic to have someone here the whole time who's been through the birthing experience and can help me support my partner as she labors. Our doula from Birthing Stone is absolutely fantastic, and worth every penny." -Xan

They helped my transition back to a demanding professional job go smoothly. It felt so good to know my baby was with someone that I trust. I was able to go to work refreshed as the result of their overnight care. One of the best parts is I felt no judgment-just kindness and warmth. For example, whether you are supplementing, exclusively nursing, or bottle feeding-they are there to help with whatever is best for your family. Birthing Stone Doulas is worth the investment. I trust Tiffany and her team professionally and personally." -Vanessa

Thank you for all of your overnight and postpartum support. We were able to get more sleep, have a baby with better sleep habits, and enjoy our baby more. They are worth every penny. Only regret? Not having their services when we had our first." -Chris, 2nd time dad

we support you

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We’d love to talk you through our process & show you how we can support you.