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It is our priority to ensure all of this is possible when you work with our Portland based Postpartum Doulas, Newborn Care Specialists, and Sleep Coaches

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Baby Sleep And Newborn Care is Our Specialty


From the moment your baby arrives, until they are sleeping through the night, our experts are here to guide you every step of the way.

Our Postpartum Doula team is the only team in the  Portland area to be cross-trained as Doulas, Newborn Care Specialists AND Baby Sleep specialists, bringing you added expertise all in one place.

While working with your overnight doula, you'll benefit from our specialized focus on infant development and baby sleep. Our postpartum doulas can provide valuable guidance on creating healthy sleep habits for your baby using gentle sleep solutions and evidence-based strategies to help your little one (and you!) get the rest you need.

And if your baby is over 4 months, our in-home sleep training offers you the highest level of customized support possible.

Our Postpartum Doula
& Sleep Coaching Services

every step of the way

From soothing techniques to feeding support, to gently guiding your baby toward healthy sleep habits, our doulas are equipped with the skills to care for your newborn while nurturing your confidence as new parents. 

You'll never feel lost with our innovative, in-home sleep training. We help remove the stress and confusion around helping your baby sleep through the night while being by your side every minute of the way.

Whether you're looking for household staffing, global travel, or live-in support, our concierge placements can find candidates from around the nation to ensure a perfect fit.


Thank you for all of your overnight and postpartum support. We were able to get more sleep, have a baby with better sleep habits, and enjoy our baby more. They are worth every penny. Only regret? Not having their services when we had our first." -Chris, 2nd time dad

I always felt listened to, encouraged, empowered, cared for, and never judged by her. She is extremely knowledgable and always had an answer or explanation for all of my questions, which is so reassuring for a first-time mom!” -Shannon

They helped my transition back to a demanding professional job go smoothly. It felt so good to know my baby was with someone that I trust. I was able to go to work refreshed as the result of their overnight care

One of the best parts is I felt no judgment-just kindness and warmth. For example, whether you are supplementing, exclusively nursing, or bottle feeding-they are there to help with whatever is best for your family. Birthing Stone Doulas is worth the investment. I trust Tiffany and her team professionally and personally." -Vanessa

The Birthing Stone Difference

Infant Sleep Specialists & Sleep Coaching

Our Portland Postpartum doula team consists of some of the most experienced and highly trained doulas in town.

If your doula isn't also a sleep coach, they have years of experience guiding babies to gently sleep through the night.

For older babies, we also offer in-home baby sleep training.

Not from Portland but still looking for a doula? We can help you with one of our concierge searches!

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