"From the moment we signed on with Birthing Stone, our doulas were so helpful and made us feel at ease. We had no idea what to expect from labor. Our doulas made sure we had all the tools we need for the big day."- Laura
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Caring, compassionate doula support from pregnancy through sleeping through the night.

Having a baby is one of the most memorable times of your life.
From the moment that home pregnancy test points to + …
To the first time you hear your little one’s heartbeat…
To that moment when you get to hold them in your arms…

And it can also feel...overwhelming, confusing, and a bit scary.

With our support from pregnancy through parenting, you can feel at ease. You can go into birthing with confidence, parent well rested, and feel prepared the whole way through. That’s the ideal.

Let us help guide you on the next steps


[Our doula] is amazing! She was our rock through labor and was a wonderful support during pregnancy. She is so knowledgeable, caring and calm. I could name a million more adjectives to describe how awesome she is!" -Tera, 1st time mom

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confident and supported births

Bringing your baby into the world can feel exciting, but also overwhelming. Whether your pregnancy is going smoothly, this has been a long journey through IVF, or you're considered "high risk"- we have the experience and knowledge to guide you. With our help can:

Feel reassured you have an expert in your corner so you can just be present in the moment

Feel prepared,  so you can go into birthing your baby confidently

Feel cared for and comforted during the entire labor & birthing process, even if it goes well into the night or following day. (It’s called labor for a reason, right?)

Feel in control! We'll help you navigate the hospital and communicate with your care team, so that you are always the one making the decision.

With some of the most experienced doulas in town, we can help you adjust if things don’t go to plan. Birth is beautiful, but it can be hard to plan. You won’t need to worry - we’ll be there with you every step of the way. We support you through those challenges, and encourage and guide you through the entire experience. Let us take care of the logistics so you can focus on your growing family.



*Already had your baby? Skip down to learn about our postpartum and sleep training services.

You and your partner/s will have support leading up to and during the arrival of your newest family member including:

  • On call support that begins the day you hire us so you don't have to worry if your support team will be available when baby comes
  • Education and preparation to set your mind at ease on topics like breast/feeding and comfort in labor (Individualized for your needs during your private in-home meetings)
  • Help with home planning like nursery layout so you feel ready to welcome your new baby home
  • Birth plan help (as well as a plan for when things don’t go to plan) We’ve got this!
  • Guidance on how to transition into your new parenting role so you can feel confident and empowered.

Let us help guide you on the right support for YOU

"You completely delivered in making our experience arriving home from the hospital and settling into parenthood feeling well supported which gave us the confidence to feel like we can do this and do it well."- David and David
postpartum care

means peace of mind for parents


Did you know? We are the only doula service in town that can gently help your baby sleep through the night by  4months of age? We're infant sleep experts.

Entering parenthood is entering a brand new world where everything is unknown;  new vocabulary, new skills, and a whole new person (or 2 or 3) to learn. It's thrilling, but exhausting.

With our expert help, you won’t miss a single minute of bonding and can focus on both welcoming your baby and recovering.

Our postpartum doulas and newborn specialists make sure you are well taken care of physically and emotionally, so all you have to do is focus on your baby.


Our clients count having postpartum help on their lists of must haves. Here's how we help:

After baby arrives you can rely on us during those crucial first moments as a family.  

Education on all the details (feeding, sleep, care of an infant, bathing - and any other questions you have) so you can feel confident in how to care for your baby

Learning about your baby’s cues as well as newborn specific topics such as the crying curve and how that affects your baby’s sleep patterns, so you'll be able read your baby and offer the best parenting possible

The ability to sleep while we’re there taking care of baby so you recover more quickly and can thrive as a parent, rather than just "survive"

Unconditional Support - You love your family. That’s a given. But, with the love of family often comes the drama (don’t worry, it’s everyone, not just you!) Someone’s feelings are hurt because you don’t follow their advice, or they try to do what they think is best for you - derailing your well-thought out plan. That’s where your postpartum doula can help. We are the drama free, opinion free (unless you want advice) solution. Let your family stay family, and we’ll handle your postpartum needs.

In home help that even extends overnight so you can relax and get the rest you need.

Help with all the little details so you get to experience the joy of parenthood (and forget about things like laundry or meal prepping in the beginning)

Help with sibling adjustment

Questions about baby wearing? Processing your birth story? We’re here for you every step of the way.


Guess what? If your family doesn’t get enough sleep, no one is going to be at their best. Our postpartum doulas are naturally guiding your infant towards better sleep habits from day one, while giving your restorative sleep so that you can feel rested, relaxed and ready to be your best as a parent.

Sleep support while you recover and get settled:

  • Improved relationships with your partner and family when everyone is rested
  • A healthier, happier baby who is getting the proper sleep
  • In person and in home support (there are some things you just can’t learn online)
  • A healthy and happy sleep training method (This is NOT a strict method or a cry it out method. Instead, we customize the plan for your family’s needs)
  • Education for you and your family on the topics that matter most to you. We customize all training - this is not a one size fits all package.
  • Answers for any of your questions along the way

Not sure how much support you'll want? Let us guide you in your next steps.


Thank you for all of your overnight and postpartum support. We were able to get more sleep, have a baby with better sleep habits, and enjoy our baby more. They are worth every penny. Only regret? Not having their services when we had our first." -Chris, 2nd time dad


No story is the same, and no family is the same.
Our goal is to create the right experience for you, as you envision it.

Let us support you in making your story the most beautiful version it can be.


One of the best parts is I felt no judgment-just kindness and warmth. For example, whether you are supplementing, exclusively nursing, or bottle feeding-they are there to help with whatever is best for your family." -Vanessa

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birth to baby package

We believe that all families and all birthing plans are beautiful experiences and we’ve worked with every type of family and parenting scenario: multiples, LGBTQ+, surrogacy, over 40, and high risk.

We help you create the experience you desire with comfort and care.

Our Signature Birth to Baby Package is an inclusive experience that makes sure you’re taken care of from pregnancy to parenting. Here’s how hiring us supports you from pregnancy through your first month of parenting:

Birth Experience

the birth
  • The Perfect Doula Match :Private, in-home consultation to ensure the perfect personality match with your team
  • Confidence: Continuous, accessible support from your birth doula team 24 hrs a day the rest of your pregnancy- call us/email when you have questions, when you think it "might be labor", or just need a resource
  • Personalized Birth Planning: based on YOUR desires- including focus on your partner’s involvement too, all in the comfort of your own home. Craft your birth plan, share your ideals, and prepare for support and life after baby with 2 planning and preparation meetings to be used as you see fit
  • Guidance: Judgement-free, calm, & knowledgeable is at your fingertip every step of birth and labor, helping you breathe, relax, stay focused. You’ll have In person support from one of your doulas during the duration of the birth- either joining you at home, the hospital, or birth center, and stay with you throughout your labor
  • Respectful and collaborative relationships with your providers
  • Follow-up support after your baby comes: Your doula team will visit after baby is here to ensure you have all the right support in place, answer questions, and give you time to reflect on the birth.

Postpartum Support

back at home
  • Preparation: Nursery/home set up review to help you feel confident and prepared bringing baby home. During this in-home consult we’ll also review your postpartum support plan to ensure you have the right support in the right places
  • Safety: Private, in-home carseat installation through our affiliated car seat installation professional
  • Confidence: Enter parenthood with ease, with just the right amount of support to aid in rest and recovery. Included is a full month of day support. 1 visit per week during the day (4hrs) for the first month
  • Rest & Recovery: 3 overnights per week for the first month, collaborating with your feeding plan
  • Guidance: Judgement-free, calm, & knowledgeable every step of having baby home. Whether it's how to bathe your baby, how to handle twins, or "is this normal"?- we'll be there for you.
  • Support: Unlimited email support between your doula's visits
  • Optional: Planning on Breastfeeding? Ask about our Breastfeeding Starter Package with a Board Certified Lactation Consultant

***Each stage of our Signature Birth to Baby Package can be purchased separately, but in most cases we highly recommend the full package in order for you to receive the support and experience that we always strive to deliver. (Keep in mind that you save money when booking the all inclusive package!)

Individual Birth Services begin at $2500. Birth and Postpartum Package rates vary based on services included.

Sleep Training Package

for you and baby!
  • State of the art sleep training that is customized to your family
  • Up to 72 hours of in home sleep care
  • Coaching calls customized to your needs
  • A month of ongoing support to get you back on track with any setbacks that may come your way
  • Email and phone support so you can get answers to all your questions and have peace of mind (and a good night’s sleep)
  • Our guarantee that your baby will sleep better by the time we’re through with the training

Let us support you in making your story the most beautiful version it can be.


Tiffany was a dream come true...literally. We were struggling with a baby that struggled to sleep, couldn't put herself asleep to save her life and suffered from acid reflux. Tiffany was incredibly supportive. We had her come for 72 hours because we felt like we really needed it, and we did, but when she left our baby was putting herself to sleep, sleeping many more hours a day than ever before and was well on her way to sleeping through the night. That was over a month ago. Our baby only continued to become a better sleeper and Tiffany also made me feel as though she was there to support me when needed. She of course still has reflux, but is sleeping comfortably flat on her back and seldom ever fusses. I highly recommend hiring Tiffany!" -Abigail Hawkins

not one size fits all

our approach is different

Instead of a single doula (who is running around from birth to birth, possibly stressed and overworked) we work in teams so you are always supported. This means your doula is always present when she’s with you.

You choose a doula team that fits the style and dynamic you desire and they will be with you every step of the way.

All of our teams are 100% committed to the work they do. They also each have their own unique specialties and traits, which is why we never assume our teams are one size fits all. Who you ultimately work with is up to you. We support all birth plans and families.

Our doulas are NOT hobbyists - we take our work seriously, and are well-trained and care deeply about what we do. Birth is our business, but it’s also our passion. All of our doulas are experts.  

Whatever your plan, we’ll support it

Water birth? Check. Epidural? You’ve got it.  Home birth? We’ll be there. Prefer the hospital? We’re there too. Breastfeeding? Check. Bottle feeding? Check. Unsure which? We can help! Caring for a newborn? That’s our speciality. Getting your baby to sleep through the night? We can help!

Our clients choose us time and time again because they feel cared for in the hands of experts.

Doctors and midwives refer us because they know our professionalism and expertise means a more comfortable experience for their patients.

Working with Birthing Stone means: 

A team by your side who you can count on to guide you toward a more comfortable labor and delivery, so you can experience the pleasure of your first moments as a parent with less worry and stress.

A feeling of connection and support that has nothing to do with your particular birth plan and everything to do with your family feeling well taken care of and connected.

That unforgettable experience of bringing your baby home for the first time without the worry. This time of your life should feel exhilarating. It’s the one time you’ll bring them home for the first time. You deserve to be present in that moment.


My doctor and the nurses all complimented [our doula] following the birth. If you are on the fence on whether or not to have a doula, without a doubt you won't be sorry!" -Tikka

got questions?

we've got answers

I’ve already had my baby. Can a doula still help?

Of course! Go ahead and get in touch with us and we’ll create a custom quote that includes just the pieces you need. This is your experience - we’ll help to make it the best we can.

Still have some questions? Ready to find out more?

Let us support you in making your story the most beautiful version it can be.