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"Like many "modern" mamas I didn't have family nearby and my partner went back to work almost immediately after our son was born. I do not say this lightly: I don't know what I would have done without our postpartum doulas. There is no such thing as settling in privately and peacefully with a new baby. You need help! Postpartum hours will be my go-to gift for every new parent I know moving forward!- Megan

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Portland Postpartum Doulas

Did you know? We are the only Oregon postpartum doula service in the Portland area that specializes in gently helping your baby sleep through the night by  4 months of age?

We're infant sleep specialists!

We're also cross-trained as Newborn Care Specialists. This means we have a great understanding of the postpartum period of time along with in-depth knowledge of newborn development and care.

With our expert help, you won’t miss a single minute of bonding and can focus on both welcoming your baby and recovering.

Our Portland Oregon Postpartum Doulas and Newborn Care Specialists make sure families in the Portland area are well taken care of physically and emotionally, so all you have to do is focus on your baby. And along the way, we help guide your baby in healthy sleep habits.


After our first overnight, I knew I had to extend our contract- I was addicted! Having our doula there overnight so I could rest, ask questions, and just know that I wasn't alone made all the difference. I only wish I had you with our first 2 babies!- Mom of three

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What Does a Postpartum Doula Do?

After baby arrives you can rely on us during those crucial first moments as a family.  

Sleep (yours): Our entire team of sleep coaches and doulas will take care of all the overnight diaper changes and soothing so you can get a good night of sleep. Nursing your baby? We'll bring your baby to you so all you have to do is snuggle and nurse.

Sleep (your baby's): We'll help you support your baby's natural sleep development from the beginning so you have a lifetime of healthy sleep habits. This is our specialty!

Confidence: We'll give you all the details (feeding, sleep, care of an infant, bathing - and any other questions you have) so you can feel confident in how to care for your baby, read their cues, and understand how they are developing.

Unconditional Support -Let your family stay family, and we’ll handle your professional needs. We are drama-free, opinion-free support, unlike many family members. In-home help that even extends overnight so you can relax and get the rest you need.

We believe in supporting all families and all parenting plans. We happily work with every family and parenting scenario: multiples, LGBTQ+, surrogacy, over 40, and high risk, high profile. And, please let us know your pronouns. 

We're infant sleep specialists!

Our team has advanced training as both postpartum doulas and Newborn Care Specialists. This means we have more in-depth training and understanding of infant development and healthy sleep habits.

With our expert help, you won’t miss a single minute of bonding and can focus on both welcoming your baby and recovering.

Our Portland Oregon Postpartum Doulas and Newborn Care Specialists make sure families in the Portland area are well taken care of physically and emotionally, so all you have to do is focus on your baby. And along the way, we help guide your baby in healthy sleep habits.


"I had three nights a week support starting about four weeks after delivery and I wish I had started sooner. Everyone was great. . . they put me at ease right away. My baby went from only sleeping on me, to sleeping in her pack n play within a few weeks. The transition to sleeping in her crib was super easy after that. I cannot recommend them highly enough."- Meredith

Portland Oregon Postpartum Doula Packages

Below are our most popular newborn care and postpartum packages. Remember, we'll customize your support packages to fit your exact needs- not too little, not too much. 


Customized Newborn Care Placement

This service is perfect for families with more intricate care needs and specifications, along with families just starting their doula search. Whether you need 24/7 care, a professional to travel with you, or someone experienced with staffed houses, we'll find the perfect newborn professional for your family.

Just starting your search? No need for you to sleuth through google reviews, call multiple agencies, and doula recommendations.

Our agency, along with many others, is often booked out for 6-9 months! That means finding the right doula and newborn care specialist for your family can be time-consuming and frustrating.

When our team is fully booked (or perhaps not the right fit for you) we will conduct a specialized search for your perfect postpartum doula match.

Drawing on our network of doulas both locally and nationally, we'll screen potential candidates for you. We'll interview the candidate as well as, check background, references, CPR/first aid, and review their fit for your family.

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4th Trimester: Sleep Through the Night

This. Is. Our. Specialty.

We'll work with your family for 12-16 weeks and help gently guide your baby to sleep through the night, following their natural cues. This is breastfeeding-friendly, and our absolute favorite way to support families.

  • Minimum 4 overnights per week (10hrs each) for 12 weeks
  • Can taper to 3 overnight doula visits per week  for the final 4 weeks
  • Let us customize your plan
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Newborn Sleep Assessment

If you're in the midst of the newborn stage you may be wondering if your baby will ever sleep anywhere but on you. How can you get your baby to sleep longer stretches overnight? Are you starting healthy sleep habits? We can help!

Our newborn sleep assessment gives you the luxury of 3 nights of overnight care to catch up on sleep combined with the benefit of our expert eyes to help you with age-appropriate tips to help your baby with better sleep.

You'll receive a detailed assessment and our professional recommendations based on your baby's age and development


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6 Week Confidence Booster

Designed to give you a boost during the early weeks and taper as your confidence grows, this 6-week package offers more doula visits upfront with both day and night visits, then tapers to just overnights.

Combinations of days & nights first 2 weeks with ongoing overnights for 4 weeks.

Total of 4 daytime visits (4hrs each) and 11 overnights (10hrs each)


We always prioritize you and your family's unique needs. Book a call to start you complimentary matching process.


Thank you for all of your overnight and postpartum support. We were able to get more sleep, have a baby with better sleep habits, and enjoy our baby more. They are worth every penny. Only regret? Not having their services when we had our first." -Chris, 2nd time dad


Guess what? If your family doesn’t get enough sleep, no one is going to be at their best. Our postpartum doulas and newborn care specialists are naturally guiding your infant towards better sleep habits from day one, while giving you restorative sleep so that you can feel rested, relaxed and ready to be your best as a parent.

Sleep support while you recover and get settled:

  • Improved relationships with your partner and family when everyone is rested
  • A healthier, happier baby who is getting the proper sleep
  • In-person and in-home support (there are some things you just can’t learn online)
  • A healthy and happy sleep training method (This is NOT a strict method or a cry it out method. Instead, we customize the plan for your family’s needs)
  • Education for you and your family on the topics that matter most to you. We customize all training - this is not a one size fits all package.
  • Answers for any of your questions along the way

Looking for sleep training help for older babies (4+ months?)

not one size fits all

Our Portland OR Postpartum Doulas Take a Different Approach

Instead of just saying "yes" to any client, we intentionally pre-book with all of our clients so we can have thorough intake and understand your needs, what supports you already have in place, and how we can best support you. 

Our small team stays in contact with one another to make sure your care is continuous without big changes. Our doulas are cross-trained as newborn care specialists, meaning we have deeper knowledge of newborn care and development, balanced with a focus on nurturing families. We shift our approach based on your priorities.

Our clients choose us time and time again because they feel cared for in the hands of experts.

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"You completely delivered in making our experience arriving home from the hospital and settling into parenthood feeling well supported which gave us the confidence to feel like we can do this and do it well."- David and David

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