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& a baby are not mutually exclusive

You’ve read all the books, all the blogs and are probably confused and overwhelmed by the conflicting advice. You may not even know where to start.

Maybe you’ve even hired a baby sleep consultant who’s given you a “plan” by email or over the phone, but that’s not working for you either.  

Here’s what no one has told you: There isn’t a one-size-fits-all sleep training plan, and email isn’t going to help you in the middle of the night!

That’s why we offer in-home sleep training support.

We will guide you through the entire sleep training process, so you never have to figure it out on your own. 


Ready to change your life and get the sleep you and your baby deserve?

Here's how our in-home Sleep Coaching Works

We work with every family to customize their in-home sleep coaching support. This starts with an in-depth assessment of your baby's current sleep habits and your goals for your baby's sleep. We'll help you decide if you want to work to make changes quickly, or if you'd rather take a gradual approach.

After you've chosen your support package, we'll come to your home and start helping you put all the puzzle pieces of your baby's sleep habits into place, focusing on the 4 pillars of sleep training: Communication, Commitment, Consistency & Confidence


DAY 1: Communication & Commitment

Communication is the core of helping your baby sleep. From the very first night, we'll carefully and attentively observe your baby and help you understand their sleep cues.

We'll lead you through the process, helping you communicate the changes to your baby, and help you stay committed to your new routine.

BONUS: We'll take the "night shift" so you can get much deserved rest right away.


Day 2: Consistency

Your baby thrives on consistency and predictability.  You'll work side by side with our coach to stay consistent with the new routine, learning the "why's" behind any adjustments we suggest, and gaining the knowledge you'll need for the future.

We'll focus our work on naps, which take a lot of practice for your baby to perfect.

And, of course, we take the night shift again.

BONUS: Many babies will sleep through the night on the 2nd night!


Day 3: Confidence

The final day with your sleep coach is all about instilling confidence in your ability to help your baby after we leave. So we will step aside so you can make all the decisions and just check with us if you have questions.

Prior to leaving, we'll make sure you have answers to all of your "what if" questions. We'll leave you with a summary of our stay, all of your baby's accomplishments, a list of our suggestions- including your baby's individualized sleep schedule, and tips and tricks for upcoming developmental leaps.

BONUS: Celebrate your baby, Celebrate how much life has changed in 3 nights. Oh, and sleep through the night.

Ready to change your life and get the sleep you and your baby deserve?

Tiffany came to us when our baby was 8 months old. After his first round of teething and some travel, we lost all sense of routine and good sleep habits and we were losing our minds with sleep deprivation. Tiffany stayed with us for the full three days and guided us back to sanity with her gentle, firm, and very informative style of communication and teaching. She was comforting and clear with her directions and suggestions. We loved having her at our house for full-time support and then appreciated the follow-up calls and emails. It's been over a month now since she left and our baby sleeps through the night with two naps a day. When disruptions happen due to travel, sickness, or just mystery baby stuff, we feel confident using what we learned from Tiffany to respond and adjust as needed until things regulate again. We are so grateful for her help and would recommend her to all tired, struggling parents.-- Maia
our support

Our Customized Sleep Coaching Packages

All of our in-home sleep coaching packages are customized to your baby and your family. Unlike books and online plans, our support is dynamic; changing immediately to your baby's needs.

Whether you choose a gradual approach or a more hands-off approach, all packages include up to 3 full days & nights of in-home support guiding you through the most challenging part of sleep training. We'll be there for those with moment-to-moment decisions and to help you learn your baby's specific sleep needs.

You'll have 4 weeks of follow up support for fine-tuning schedules, addressing bumps in the road like teething or starting daycare, and celebrating all your successes.

Let Your Baby Lead

hands off
  • Chosen by most of our families, this option leads to the most change in the shortest period of time.
  • The majority of our babies (about 97%) sleep through the night within 72 hours
  • Your baby learns the new skill and routine quickly, without interventions that may interrupt their learning.
  • Potential for more tears up front, but less in long run

Gradual and Parent-led

more hands on
  • This option is for parents that prefer a more gradual approach
  • We'll assist you with a plan that balances your baby's need to learn and your desire to assist.
  • You'll see change with your baby's sleep, gain new confidence in your baby's skills, and be off to a great start.
  • While most babies aren't sleeping through the night by the time we leave, they are well on the way.

Remote Coaching

our help from afar
  • Whether you want a quicker, hands off approach or a more gradual approach, we can help you put your plan into place from afar.
  • We'll work with you to create a plan and remotely assist with observations via camera so you're not alone.
  • You still recieve detailed plan and suggestions and 4 weeks of follow up support.
  • This option doesn't give you the benefits of our in-home support, but it provides options for family's that have sleep trained before.

Set Up Your Complimentary Sleep Assessment Call

I will forever be grateful for our coach and the work and confidence she's put into my son to get him to sleep. The first night is always tough, but he did it, he slept through the night the first night, the second night and third night and he slept for me on his fourth night and fell asleep the instant I put him down--even giving me a smile. . .  this is all thanks to our sleep coach. She truly goes out of her way and gives you the confidence you don't have. I really cannot believe my baby is sleeping and that I AM SLEEPING. I called many sleep coaches, and after my consult call with Birthing Stone, I already felt less worried and fearful of the process and stole the earliest availability with her. She came two days later, and left my home after a full 72 hours. But she left me with a transformed baby; and many many restful nights and days ahead.--DM
why choose

sleep training at birthing stone

The toll of sleep deprivation on families is the most common issue Tiffany recognizes among families. She also felt these effects with her own children. Tired of confusing books and conflicting methods that weren’t working for families, Tiffany was thrilled when she learned more about the services that Mommywise in NYC was offering. She was even more excited when she was chosen to train in Mommywise’s highly selective training program.

Initially, Tiffany was skeptical that anything could work so quickly. But during her training she was able to learn and discover techniques that had immediate effects for both babies and parents. She observed that babies realize their sleep potential independently, falling asleep on their own- and quickly. She knew she found the right tools to bring home to Birthing Stone’s clients.

The positive changes she witnessed in the parents’ demeanors and behavior after sleep training is astounding. Parents are happier, more rested, and have more energy.  Babies are more interactive, often make developmental leaps, and seem happier. She even sees shifts in the parents’ relationships and their renewed perspective on life.

When she’s not sleep coaching or doula-ing Tiffany can be found searching for sun in the PNW, at soccer games with her kids (who ARE sleeping), and out and about with friends.

Ready to change your life and get the sleep you and your baby deserve?

To ensure we can offer you a thorough sleep assessment, please use the contact form above. We do not accept phone calls for sleep training due to the high number of inquiries we receive.



We decided to hire a sleep coach as I was struggling with postpartum anxiety and depression, and sleep was a trigger for me.  I liked the idea of having someone in our home, with us in the moment, instead of just available by phone or email.  Donna from Birthing Stone was great!  

Although upon first glance the cost seems prohibitive, it was worth it for our family.  We went from having our 4-month old need to be rocked and bounced to sleep for lengthy amounts of time to where we are today, with a 5 month old that we put down awake in his crib and he falls asleep.  It has been life changing for us, we now have time to ourselves in the evening and improved sleep for everyone in the house.   It has definitely been a game-changer for us!- Kelly


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Ready to change your life and get the sleep you and your baby deserve?