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Our doulas are different. Instead of a single doula (who is running around from birth to birth, possibly stressed and overworked) we work in teams so you are always supported. This means your doula is always present when she’s with you.

You choose a doula team that fits the style and dynamic you desire and they will be with you every step of the way.

All of our teams are 100% committed to the work they do. They also each have their own unique specialties and traits, which is why we never assume our teams are one size fits all. Who you ultimately work with is up to you. We support all birth plans and families.

Our doulas are NOT hobbyists - we take our work seriously, and are well-trained and care deeply about what we do. Birth is our business, but it’s also our passion. All of our doulas are experts.




Giving birth to my son 18 years ago in a different country without the support of family and friends and feeling a little overwhelmed, I knew that I needed to give that support to others. After falling in love with my son, I knew I was meant to be a mum and that planted the see to start a wonderful journey down a path of discovery to give my care and energy to other mums that needed to surround themselves with love and support in their journey.

As a birth doula and postpartum doula, I believe every woman has a choice about the way she wants to birth & parent, and what kind of birth story she wants to write. By honoring her choices and supporting her through birth and postpartum, whether it’s a single mother, or a traditional or nontraditional family, each woman, and partner should have the love, care and respect to bring a child into the world and to start parenthood with a positive feeling in a nonjudgmental environment.

I have a great understanding and caring for the mental wellbeing of mother and family. I myself have dealt with postpartum depression with my second child. I can identify with mothers and families where depression, anxiety and bipolar may be a concern. I have volunteered with NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, and volunteered with Baby Blue Connection.

I am a trained Newborn Care Specialist; I have worked with many families of multiples; and I am infant CPR AED trained.



As a doula,  I am always honored to be invited to a birth to hold the space for families to have an empowered and positive birth and parenting experience. 

Intuition, patience and an open mind are the foundation of my support to you. My goal is to build a relationship of open communication and trust within your care team. My previous professional history wholly compliments my doula work. I managed non-profits working with adults with intellectual disabilities providing me with years of experience supporting people in making their own informed choices and making their voices heard.

My current focus in Birthing Stone is supporting all of our families in finding the perfect match of services and doulas. I also love offering our in-person sleep coaching to help families get the important sleep they need.

Ongoing education and training is important to me. I have completed two doula certifications, an intensive internship through Mother Tree Birth, and attended many ongoing education trainings. I advanced my labor training by completing the Spinning Babies workshop, HUG trainings, and lactation education modules. I am also trained and experienced in postpartum care, and facilitated the postpartum doula training at Birthingway College of Midwifery for several years. I am a former Faculty for the labor doula division of CAPPA- and international organization for training doulas and childbirth educators.

I’m a mom of two rambunctious, loving and smiling little boys. We enjoy gardening, heading to the beach with our springer spaniel, Jackson, and baking. My partner & I relish in date nights- which usually include trying new great food and exploring Portland. 



I attended my first birth in 2010 as a support person for a friend. This experience completely changed my life–moved me to look into what it meant to be a doula, and opened my eyes and heart to my innate desire and ability to support birthing people throughout their individual experiences. I attended my initial doula training with DONA International that same year and began my work as a doula.

My passion for birth work continued to grow and I found myself starting my education as a student midwife at Birthingway College of Midwifery in 2013. I have continued to deepen my knowledge, passion for, and awe of birth and ability to support birthing people over the past several years. In addition to my doula work, I have spent time volunteering with PDX doulas, teaching childbirth education, encapsulating placentas, and facilitating pregnant parents groups.

I am experienced in attending births in the hospital, in birth centers, and at home. I have experience with VBAC births and cesarean births. I believe that all birthing people have the right to make informed decisions and to receive compassionate, considerate, and competent support throughout their birthing process. I strive to support and honor people as they claim the power of their own birthing experience.

Prior to my birth journey I received a BS in Psychology, was a caregiver for adults with developmental disabilities, and a nanny for infants and young children. Outside of caring for my clients, attending births, and teaching, I enjoy hiking, dancing, long walks, and spending time with my community of friends and family.



When I became pregnant with my first child I researched everything I could about what to expect and felt empowered through gaining this knowledge. Once my daughter was born, I realized how little I had prepared for after the baby’s arrival and how helpful a doula would have been for not only my birth experience but postpartum as well. I started learning more about doulas and believed I had found my passion. I attended doula training with DONA International and attended my first birth soon after.

Over four years later, I have obtained my Lactation Counselor certification and attended many continuing education seminars, focus groups, and trainings. Prior to living in Portland, I helped start community support groups for parenting, breastfeeding, and postpartum, as well as helping to organize a maternal mental health awareness event.

As a mother of two, I consider myself an advocate for women and draw from my own experiences and educational background to help support families wherever they are in their process. I’m so excited to work as a doula in Portland.

I have experience working with infants, twins, siblings, VBAC, water labor and birth, family centered cesarean, LGBT, single parent families, hosptial, birth center, and home birth. It is my hope that each family’s birth I attend feels supported, prepared, and well informed for the next step on their journey.

Portland Postpartum Doula


As your doula my goal is to help you prepare for birth and parenthood in as many ways as possible. I support the choices that express the needs of you and your family by cultivating your own knowledge, self-awareness and motivation as well as providing you and your partner with my full support and gentle guidance throughout the entire journey of birth to parenthood.

 Ways my friends describe me are, relate-able, loyal, self aware, grounded, nurturing, trustworthy, strong and positive smart-ass. I love to laugh! My doula journey started in 2015 at Birthingway College of Midwifery here in Portland. Embracing birth doula work and life, I quickly moved on to learning how to continue supporting families as a postpartum doula. I have continued to grow my experience working with families as well as valuable trainings. Today I am grateful to be a board member for the Oregon and Portland Doula Associations facilitating doula education, legislation & connections within the birthing community.

 When I'm not doing birth work, I'm busy being mama to my one & only kind hearted & outgoing little girl. We love finding new places to hike and explore with our dog. Summer days will usually find us playing in our favorite swimming hole and picking berries. I enjoy preserving the harvest and strive to live in a sustainable manner. I cannot live without music, all kinds, seriously. As your doula I am honored to provide guidance in growing your family with confidence!




Megan is an International Board Certified Lactation Counselor. She graduated from Las Positas and Birthingway College of Midwifery, is a Preceptor and Clinical Training Instructor at Birthingway, and has hundreds of hours working with families and babies.

Megan has a passion for science and the human body and channels that into her love of helping mothers and babies. She offers them strength and support to overcome any of their challenges. She strives to provide unbiased and evidence based support while helping people reach their goals. Her experience working with single births, twins, newborns, toddlers, children with tongue-tie, and families in the LGBTQ community have given her a wide breadth of knowledge to share with new patients.

After the birth of her own daughter, Evelyn, Megan found herself struggling with her personal breastfeeding journey. She felt as though she had put so much effort into how her pregnancy, labor, and birth would be that she was underprepared for what would happen afterwards. An IBCLC stepped in and helped raise her confidence, taught her necessary skills to trust in herself. After this interaction she realized she wanted to help other parents, the same way someone had helped her. Going back to school was a daunting task with a toddler but she followed her dreams. She passed her board exam on the first attempt and has enjoyed a career of helping families ever since.

Take a look at our doula team profiles to get a feel for each doula team and let us know who you think will be a good fit. Not sure? Don't worry, we help you find the right duo for you.

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