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Meet our Portland Area Postpartum Doulas & Newborn Care Specialists

We're more than postpartum doulas.

We're Newborn Care Specialists. We're Infant Sleep Specialists, and we're postpartum doulas. This combination allows a higher level of infant care mixed with nurturing support for your family, and most importantly, professional sleep support from day one.

All of our Doulas and Newborn Care Specialists are 100% committed to the work they do.

Our doulas are NOT hobbyists - we take our work seriously, have advanced training, and care deeply about what we do. Supporting families during the childbearing year is our business, but it’s also our passion. All of our doulas are experts.

We personalize our support.

Tiffany, our founder, speaks with each family interested in working with us, learning about them as individuals, hearing their anticipated needs, and gaining insight into the uniqueness of each family.

She will help match you with doulas, and coordinate schedules so you don't have to. Ensuring the highest quality of personalized care is one of our values.





Sleep Trainer
Newborn Care Specialist
Postpartum Doula

Portland Postpartum Doula


Sleep Coach
Newborn Care Specialist
Postpartum Doula

Julia-Rose 2023


Sleep Coach
Newborn Care Specialist
Postpartum Doula



  • Newborn Care Specialist
  • Postpartum Doula
  • IBCLC (Lactation Counselor)
  • Twins Doula
  • Infant Sleep

My doula journey began in 2016 when I became a certified postpartum doula through CAPPA, and recently completed Newborn Care Specialist training.

My love for newborns and supporting families began way before that. I completed my college internship in the Labor and Delivery and NICU of a big hospital in Boston. I spent over 10 years nannying for a number of amazing families, then moved on to opening my own indoor playground and party center in Montana where I taught mommy and me classes and toddler art classes.  

I have a B.S. Degree in Health Science from UMass Boston, and I am thrilled to have completed the Lactation program at PSU and certified as an IBCLC. I love every minute of support parents in feeding their baby, whether that be with nursing or transitioning to formula feeding.

I am passionate about supporting families along their unique journey, whatever that may look like for them. I have extensive experience working with twins, LGBTQ families, single-parent families, postpartum mood disorders, families needing extra lactation support, and preemies. 




  • IBCLC (Lactation Counselor)


Megan is an International Board Certified Lactation Counselor. She graduated from Las Positas and Birthingway College of Midwifery is a Preceptor and Clinical Training Instructor at Birthingway, and has hundreds of hours working with families and babies.

Megan has a passion for science and the human body and channels that into her love of helping mothers and babies. She offers them strength and support to overcome any of their challenges. She strives to provide unbiased and evidence-based support while helping people reach their goals. Her experience working with single births, twins, newborns, toddlers, children with tongue-tie, and families in the LGBTQ community have given her a wide breadth of knowledge to share with new patients.

After the birth of her own daughter, Evelyn, Megan found herself struggling with her personal breastfeeding journey. She felt as though she had put so much effort into how her pregnancy, labor, and birth would be that she was underprepared for what would happen afterward. An IBCLC stepped in and helped raise her confidence, taught her the necessary skills to trust in herself. After this interaction, she realized she wanted to help other parents, the same way someone had helped her. Going back to school was a daunting task with a toddler but she followed her dreams. She passed her board exam on the first attempt and has enjoyed a career in helping families ever since.


Infant Sleep Doula

Rebekah's (she/her)  journey of working with babies and infants began at a very young age and her passion for caring for families has been a driving force in her life for as long as she can remember. She has always found herself working in different child and infant-related fields trying to find the perfect balance of care and support.

After some time she came to realize that postpartum doula work is the best use of her passion and skillset - combining thoughtful, knowledgeable, care for babies while also supporting families in a truly nonjudgmental way. She was hooked the minute she finished her training with Cornerstone Doula. She’s passionate about social justice and equity and wants to provide judgment-free support for families, however, they look. And, her training specifically prepared her to work in a trauma-informed, holistic manner, really seeing each family as an individual bringing its own story to be heard and considered.

Outside of caring for new babies and helping families get great sleep, Rebekah is very involved with the theatre community and loves to watch, engage with, and put on shows.

She also loves gardening and photography, her ridiculous cat Binx, watching reality tv shows (and Schitt's Creek).



Newborn Care Specialist
Infant Sleep Specialist
Infant Sleep Coach
Postpartum/Twins Doula

Rhiannon is an experienced and reliable postpartum doula, Newborn Care Specialist, and Mommywise Certified Sleep Coach.

She brings over 20 years of nanny and caregiving experience to the families she supports- with experience traveling with families, working with high profile families, and supporting families through loss. 

She loves working with all families to help them transition into life with a newborn, and get more sleep as their baby ages. 

She brings confidence, a bright and positive personality, and lots of laughter to each family she works with. 

When she is not caring for others, Rhiannon enjoys traveling, visiting museums, photography, horseback riding, trivia, and volunteering.  



Jessica Becker


  • Infant Sleep Coach
  • Newborn Care Specialist
  • Postpartum Doula
  • Infant Sleep Specialist

Jessica comes to Birthing Stone as a Postpartum Doula, Newborn Care Specialist and Mommywise Certified Sleep Coach.

She's a "natural" with babies and has long served families in a variety of capacities prior to her pieces of training as a doula and NCS, but her true passion is sleep coaching. 

She travels the country supporting families, and is always up for an adventure- whether it be a few days sleep coaching or a week of live-in support for families with newborns. 

Take a look at our doula team profiles to get a feel for each doula team and let us know who you think will be a good fit. Not sure? Don't worry, we help you find the right duo for you.

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