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I will forever be grateful for Tiffany and the work and confidence she's put into my son to get him to sleep.

She truly goes out of her way and gives you the confidence you don't have. I really cannot believe my baby is sleeping and that I AM SLEEPING. I called many sleep coaches, and after my consult call with Tiffany, I already felt less worried and fearful of the process . . She left me with a transformed baby; and many many restful nights and days ahead.--DM

Without your help we would not be where we are today. You completely delivered in making our experience arriving home from the hospital and settling into parenthood feeling well supported which gave us the confidence to feel like we can do this and do it well.
We are particular people with particular needs and you read that early on in the process and didn't make us feel like weirdo first time parent freaks. So thank you. When we reflect on the process and the experience, we are filled with gratitude. Thanks again!- David N and David W

[Our doula] is amazing! She was our rock through labor and was a wonderful support during pregnancy. She is so knowledgeable, caring and calm. I could name a million more adjectives to describe how awesome she is!" -Tera, 1st time mom

I can't thank Tiffany and her team of baby whispering doulas enough. These doulas know just what to do-bring tea or snacks after nursing, change and soothe baby, tidy up, help problem solve strategies for our older child, and share their mad skills/coach my husband while I take a snooze. Sounds amazing, right?!

If you are struggling with the transition back to work, I highly recommend them. They helped my transition back to a demanding professional job go smoothly. It felt so good to know my baby was with someone that I trust. I was able to go to work refreshed as the result of their overnight care. They helped wash all my pump parts and prep bottles for daycare while I got to have snuggles with my older child. I had breakfast and coffee waiting for me in the morning and a well rested and happy baby. They supported healthy sleep habits for my baby as well.

One of the best parts is I felt no judgment-just kindness and warmth. For example, whether you are supplementing, exclusively nursing, or bottle feeding-they are there to help with whatever is best for your family.

Birthing Stone Doulas is worth the investment. I trust Tiffany and her team professionally and personally. -Vanessa


Tiffany and her team are amazing. Tiffany is a great communicator, and I trust her and her team with our newest little one. They are so professional, calm, and knowledgeable about babies. Thank you for all of your overnight and postpartum support. We were able to get more sleep, have a baby with better sleep habits, and enjoy our baby more. They are worth every penny. Only regret? Not having their services when we had our first. -Chris

Compassionate and experienced. We were very fortunate to have Casey and Racheal as our doulas. They were very caring and supportive. Both are different in their own ways. We got the opportunity to spend more time with Casey. She was always ready to help and answer all our questions patiently. Since it was our first child , me and my husband had some doubts about handling the baby. They helped in clearing all our concerns . We highly recommend them to those who are looking for doulas." -Hridya


I worked with Casey and Rachel in the preparation of my first child being born. They were very different but both wonderful with the knowledge, experience and encouragement they brought to our meetings leading up to the birth. Casey ended up being on call when my son was born and she was so fantastic and such an important part of the experience. We really cannot imagine what we would've done without her. Casey was so calm and supportive and knew exactly when to push me a little more and when to just comfort me. She was also amazing support to my husband. She gave him the opportunity to take breaks and let him know everything was going as planned etc. This was huge for both of us and something he definitely did not expect needing. My doctor and the nurses all complimented her following the birth. If you are on the fence on whether or not to have a doula, without a doubt you won't be sorry!" -Tikka

I was initially reluctant to hire a doula, but since I was trying for a VBAC we made the decision to hire Megan. Megan was everything we hoped and more. She took the time to listen to what we wanted and helped us to see things clearly. When I went into labor she came right away and helped me through some rough spots. (It's labor, what about it isn't rough??) She was there for the birth of my daughter and even though I didn't have a VBAC, she was supportive and stayed with me the whole surgery just talking to me and updating me on the progress of the birth.
After we came home Megan checked up on us and brought us our placenta pills.

Tiffany came a few weeks after my daughter was born, so I could have some much needed one on one time with my son. I could not have had a more perfect experience with Megan and Tiffany, I was given the utmost care and respect and I will forever remember how much they impacted my life. -Jennifer

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