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"From the moment we signed on with Birthing Stone, our doulas were so helpful and made us feel at ease. We had no idea what to expect from labor. Our doulas made sure we had all the tools we need for the big day."- Laura
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Your story, your way

Postpartum Doula Support

No story is the same, and no family is the same.

Our goal is to create the right experience for you, as you envision it.

Having a baby is one of the most memorable times of your life.

From the moment that home pregnancy test points to + …

To the first time you hear your little one’s heartbeat…

To that moment when you get to hold them in your arms…

And it can also feel...overwhelming, confusing, and a bit scary.

You can count on our caring, compassionate postpartum doulas from birth to sleeping through the night. That’s the ideal.

postpartum doula portland oregon
for you and your baby

Caring & Nurturing Support After Baby

Our Postpartum Doulas and Newborn Care Specialists make sure you are well taken care of physically and emotionally, so all you have to do is focus on your baby. And along the way, we help guide your baby in healthy sleep habits.

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"You completely delivered in making our experience arriving home from the hospital and settling into parenthood feeling well supported which gave us the confidence to feel like we can do this and do it well."- David and David
sleep coaches

Sleeping Through The Night Is not Just a Dream

Finding yourself scrolling blogs on baby sleep in the middle of the night? We know how you feel. Our trained sleep coaches offer in-home sleep coaching and a month of support for babies 4+ months- giving you immediate sleep relief and guiding your baby in a life time of healthy sleep habits.

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Tiffany was a dream come true...literally. We were struggling with a baby that struggled to sleep, couldn't put herself asleep to save her life and suffered from acid reflux. Tiffany was incredibly supportive. We had her come for 72 hours because we felt like we really needed it, and we did, but when she left our baby was putting herself to sleep, sleeping many more hours a day than ever before and was well on her way to sleeping through the night. That was over a month ago. Our baby only continued to become a better sleeper and Tiffany also made me feel as though she was there to support me when needed. She of course still has reflux, but is sleeping comfortably flat on her back and seldom ever fusses. I highly recommend hiring Tiffany!" -Abigail Hawkins

Let us support you in making your story the most beautiful version it can be.